Mermaids and Dragonflies: Musings of a 40-Something Single Woman

To share a bit of my bamermaid_by_tn3h-d5p08olckground, I recently became a divorcee after 16 years of marriage. This blog is a reflection of my experiences, not just related to the last year, but thoughts about my life and how it has shaped me into the person I am today.

The title reflects the various stages of my life: ┬áMermaids being a childhood fantasy, in that I thought I could become such a creature and desperately wanted my blonde hair to grow to my waist. In fact, you can ask my sisters about the time that I was caught “measuring” my hair at the dinner table in the midst of my daydream.

Dragonflies represent the new beginning of my life; career changes, relocating back to the city, surrounding myself with new opportunities and friends….starting over.

I hope that you find this blog fun, rewarding, and can laugh out loud along with me as I share my experiences, thoughts and ask you to join me in conversation.

Until then…may you be blessed with love, compassion, and a life of abundance.